Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is energy??

Emmm....what is is not a common topic right? Not all of us can explain the real meaning of energy completely. Actually, energy is the fuel of life. It keeps plants grow, the animals alive including us. It is too general and the real definition of energy is the ability of a physical system to do work, whether than be growing, lifting, moving or sustaining life.
Nowadays human use many kinds of energy. According to biological level, we get energy by eating foods. Where the food came from? They came from plants and animal right? Besides that we have to remind ourselves that energy also produce from the warmth of the sun. But in this millennium era, we have also discovered more and more ways of exploiting energy such as electric motors. These range from wood fires, which create light and heat from the chemical energy stored in plants, to gas power station which electricity from the heat created by burning natural gases.Hence, as the future engineer, we should explore more and think out of the box, how to create more and more effective energy generator...InsyaAllah..

- The Mini Rough Guide to ‘Energy’ and Our Planet

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