Friday, March 27, 2009

FiNAL aGAiN!!!!!!

those books are waiting.............for me.....


I don't know how, but I really think that the time passes really fasT! I feel that I was registered here yesterday..But I'm already in the second term, and it's only about two weeks left to and study.. That's all that I have to do now..
Actually, I really want to get a Dean's List..I failed to get it in my first semester and I want to get it for this semester.. but it's seem that I couldn't.. I'm not giving up myself, but our subjects for this semester are significantly tougher than last term.
However, I am still trying my best, and I hope that I can get the best result ever..I CAN DO IT!!!!

When the examination is around the corner, students become busier and busier..Lastly it will become the busiest moment in the whole term! That's common.. So, we have to realize that studying in the last minute is not good at all... It'll make us busy and we'll become stress..

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