Thursday, March 26, 2009


I do have some broader comments on the general subject of politics and business.

I do not know many successful businessmen, and successful politicians. In my experience, businessmen generally think that they are smarter and tougher than politicians. "Smarter" goes without saying, "tougher" means that they interpret politicians' equivocations and changes of position as weakness. I think the businessmen are wrong on both counts. Successful politicians, on the average, are both "smarter," i.e. abler, and tougher than successful businessmen.

However, I'm not gonna give my opinion on their smartness. All I want to talk about is, who is more important?
Businessmen or politicians? It is up to people themselves to choose and think about it. We have to think what is more important in order to ensure the brightness in our future. Basically, some people will said that our country needs more politicians and not by the others. For me, and my own opinion, businessman is more important than politicians. I didn't say that the politicians are not important at all.

Nowadays, as we all know, our country faces many problems related to politics. In addition, it becomes worser day by day. Why is it happened? Who should be blamed? When will all of these problem solved??? The answer is in our hand.We, as the young generation have the big responsibility to overcome these problem for our future.......peace....

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