Monday, September 22, 2008

how to drive save

To avoid any accident to happen, we should take maximum precaution before and during our driving. as we all know, there are many condition of road everyday such as slippery. In that case, we should know how to avoid any unwanted incident.
The best driver is the most alert driver :
1) the one who is watching traffic
2) care about road conditions, driver behavior, external influences, weather, visibility
3) alert of the condition of his own vehicle
4) continually assimilating that information.

while driving, we should remember about the people who we love. hence we will drive safely.
dear my friends, lets love ourselves........

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abu hassan said...

elo sweetie..emm btol 2.msim2 raye ni kn,ramai nk blk drive leklok.remember the loved one..naik bas pun jgn lupe bace doa..tata sweetie