Monday, September 22, 2008


Linguaphone was established over 100 years ago in London, England.The Linguaphone Group is the world's leading language training provider of self-study and assisted learning language training solutions. With courses in 15 languages, Linguaphone courses are taught through a network of over 100 training centres in 20 countries and distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. I was exposed about the linguaphone and explained by the promoter about it. I was so impressed and I tried to find more information in the internet. Even I am very interested in having that programme, I did not buy it at that time because I am so scare if I will be cheated. And also, I do not have enough money. So, lianguaphone is not just a device or machine,but it is actually a programme which is concludes the learning of many languages. To become confident in speaking in many languages, we can use this programme. This programme use three stages which is listening understanding ang speaking. Those steps can help us to understand clearly about any words. The pronunciation and also the meaning. Linguaphone is an alternative way to improve our skills in speaking in other languages. We also can get a certificate by finishing this programme and it can be used either in Malaysia or London, England.

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