Monday, October 20, 2008

Healthy strategies to maximize your rest……

  1. Prioritize what's most important to you and your family for the holidays - do what's most important, skip the rest, and don't feel guilty (this is also useful during the rest of the year)
  2. Share the load by recruiting family members to pitch in more during the holidays (and get them in the habit for the rest of the year)
  3. Give to others in ways that boost your spirits
  4. Nap, if possible, if you're feeling tired or run down, even if only for 10 minutes
  5. Eat healthy (balanced diet, lots of fruits and veggies), and avoid calorie-laden fast-foods
  6. Drink water throughout the day, but minimize during the last few hours before bedtime
  7. Minimize caffeine, and avoid it during the late afternoon and evening
  8. Avoid sweets just before bedtime, to eliminate a sugar high
  9. Exercise during the day to ensure your body is tired at bedtime, even if it's just taking a distant parking place and walking
  10. Create bedtime routines - stick to a consistent bedtime, taking into account your body's rhythms. Have a bedtime ritual (brush teeth, remove makeup, apply night creams). Gently unwind by reading or listening to music for 30 minutes before going to bed, bringing the lights down gradually as you do so. I fall asleep to a relaxing CD, tuning out hotel noise when on the road
  11. Check your bedding to be sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillows, and the right covers to neither get too hot nor too cold.

In my opinion, all of the steps above are very useful to make sure that we always get enough rest in our daily life.

If we do not have enough rest, we will not able to complete our work in the minimum time and we will always tired to do work. And always remember, even sleep is important, make sure that we did not overslept!! huhu

Source - WITI

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