Wednesday, October 8, 2008

teaching secrets

I just want to share with all of you about the article that I read. In teaching kids, we should have some skills to make them interested in what are we going to teach.
The examples are
1)“Tell your stories about when you were our age.”
when teachers share their own middle school stories including some of their blunders or embarrassing moments,it makes them more human.
2) “Teachers underestimate what kids can do, and what they know.”
Teachers assume kids can’t tell if a teacher is unprepared for class. But of course they can. Students also appreciate good teaching, exciting lessons, test review games, and activities.
3)“We love to see our work hung up on the board.” kids said that how much it meant to come into a classroom and see their diligent efforts and those of their classmates prominently displayed. It meant the teacher was proud of them and willing to take the time to show off their hard work. So, the children become more interested in learning and come to class.
4)“Read aloud to us. You’re never too old to be read aloud to.” Simply put, it strengthens the bond between teacher and students. It’s a gift from the teacher that students recognize.

5)“Get us out from behind our desks.” Kids this age need to move around, and they love it when you’ve taken the time to plan opportunities for movement into your lessons. They need to get physical. It keeps them learning.

•6)“You have to want to be around people, otherwise you make us miserable.” The kids know whether you’re a “people person” and enjoy the company of kids. And sadly, they know if you aren’t.

The next time you enter your empty classroom, sit in a student’s seat for awhile and think back to your own middle school days, when you too were an eager but uncertain adolescent learner. It’s a whole different world out there, on the other side of the teacher’s desk. it is fun right??

Of course we can try those secrets to teach our kids, in future.....

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