Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leadership communication skills

Leader is the head of an organization, groups and others. To be a good leader, we should

1. Leaders, need to be very clear about what they expect from others.
2. In being a good leader, we should trust ourselves.

It will make us confident to do something.
3. Keep smiling .
Keep smiling even there are problems. Do not make ourselves stress over the problem.
4. Share & stay together.
A leader shouldn’t be selfish. He or she cannot only give command or instructions to the members. It is very bad ethics.
5. Always learn new things .
Learn new things and then we can share it together.
6. Accept responsibility for your self & your actions.
When we prefer to be leader, that means that we already agree to accept all of the responsibility given.
7. Look at problems & challenges.
We cannot just be a leader by the name. We must improve ourselves by studying about the problems and challenges and try to face them.
8. Be grateful always.
Do not be greedy.
9. Love your self.
Finally love yourself and also all the members.

Hence, do not be scared to be a leader. Leadership gives us experience and also knowledge.

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